Away Score Submission

Enter your away scores in the form below and they will be updated into the Club Systems. Any changes to your handicap will be displayed in the Clubhouse.

Please allow 3 days for your online submission to be processed.

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(*) Adjusted Score relates to Clause 19.8 for handicapping which means you can score no more than a nett double bogey for handicap purposes. If you score more than a nett double bogey on any given hole, the score should be reduced to a nett double bogey.

Example, John (who has a handicap of 8) scores a 9 at a Par 4 with Stroke Index of 1. Therefore, his adjusted score includes a 7 for this hole (thus meaning his Adjusted Score would be 2 less than his nett score).

If you are still unsure what to enter into this field, please contact George at who will be able to advise.